Micro Credit and its Interest Rate

Mini-credit provider Algernon, a Novum Bank brand double-boutique checkmaker, is now changing its terms and conditions and streamlining its service options. With these changes, Algernon clearly wins in attractiveness in competitive mini-credit and short-term credit market. Reaction to current interest rate situation with loans After the interest rate on loans has been at a historic […]


Mortgage loan for self-employed

  Are you eager to get a mortgage? But, your declared misleading income compared to real income is a problem. Rest assured, there is now a solution to overcome this pitfall: the Alt-A program. Alt-A: the principle The Alt-A Mortgage Program is for self-employed individuals. Thanks to this one, the real incomes can simply be […]


Payday loan: how to get it

You want to take a payday loan, but without , Yes, that’s possible, it’s even done very often. Hereby you can fulfill all wishes, whether a repair is due, a new used car is due or whether you just want to go shopping. Your loan request will be processed quickly and your application will probably […]


How to Access a Loan from the Bank

  To work and grow, any business needs money. If initially in the start-up phase, this funding is often provided by shareholders, along the way in the growth stage, a bank loan is often the first option to get the necessary funds.   Getting a loan from the bank requires training from the entrepreneur Requires […]


Mortgage Loan: Save Money by Refusing Life and Disability Insurance

Save money by refusing life and disability insurance? If you have recently signed a mortgage loan for a new purchase from an institution, you have probably noticed that your advisor has tried multiple times to sell you life and disability insurance built into your mortgage. You may have even given in. This is an error […]